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Here at GT Cars Taxis Sutton, we want to make your experience as a smooth as possible. Your taxi is just a few clicks away, simply download our app and book a taxi when you’re on the go. Our easy to use app is available free on both Android and iPhone. To download today, just search for ‘ClockTower Cars’ in our app store.

Choose a time and payment method
Our app allows you to book taxis in advance or ASAP, with the option of selection 10, 20 or 30 minutes or entering a specific time. The app offers a quote for your journey before you book and the option to add in a stop before your final destination. The app also offers the option to pay with either cash, card or by using your account depending on your personal preference.

Choose your vehicle
You can choose the exact vehicle you require, whether you prefer our saloon or estate car, or one of our executive or luxury cars, the choice is yours. By entering the number of passengers and any specific requirements under ‘driver notes,’ the app shows you exactly what vehicle is most suited to your requirements, whether this is a six or an eight seater car, or a wheelchair or pet-friendly car. The app informs you of the different prices for each available car.

Save time
At GT Cars Taxis Sutton, we are aware your time is precious, so we have designed our app to save you as much time as possible. To speed up the booking process, the app also offers the option to save your home address, making future bookings faster. You can also select your pick up or drop off destination from a number of categories including airports, hospitals, nearby locations, stations, supermarkets, or restaurants. These suggested pick up locations are very specific, for example, when selecting Gatwick Airport the app offers to pick up from different terminals as well as the option to meet inside or outside the terminal. You can even add your flight number so your driver can track any delays. The app also saves your favourite locations, making the booking of repeat journeys, even more pain-free.

Track your taxi
All our cars are fitted with trackers, not only for your safety but also to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. The trackers allow you to see which cars are available in your area, providing an estimated time the nearest available car will reach you, using your current location or your chosen pick up destination. You can track the live progress of your approaching taxi and view the designated route your taxi will take you on your journey and your estimated time of arrival.